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Marbella Beach Club, is a new site, dedicated to hen and stag parties to make easier their holidays in Spain. And you can book lots of activities and services from our site, as cheeky butlers, champagne breakfast, bbqs, boat parties, strippers, clubs, restaurants etc..
Admit it, a perfect holiday in a luxury atmosphere is what you have in mind. Now, if you can envision it, you can live it up. How else can that be made possible, you may wonder. Don’t think too hard because booking a Marbella beach club on Costa del Sol is what you need.
Your quest for a fun-filled adventure begins with the best Marbella beach club events and parties held during the day, night, and weekends. It’s even better since there are more than one beach clubs in Spain to see that you get great fun irrespective of where you’ve decided to pitch your tent.
Therefore, if you’ve made up your mind to have a great holiday this summer and one you’ll live to remember, let’s show you why Marbella is where you should be. And most certainly, why you should book a Marbella beach club to get the best experience of the Malaga or Marbella nightlife. Oh, and worry not your pretty head, some beach clubs remain open all through the year.

What Do Marbella Beach Clubs Offer?

If you’re going to spend your hard-earned money on the plaza beach club Marbella booking, for instance, you may want the assurance that you’ll get great fun for every dime of your money’s worth.
First off, the safe environment, mild climate, Mediterranean Sea, music, and the good life in Malaga make it a perfect stop for a holiday. But here’s something more you can look forward to:

Bask Under the Sun:

Basking under the Marbella sun can make your skin glow, and that can also be attributed to the joy of the moment. There’s so much you can do, and that is not limited to taking dips in a heated seawater pool, lounging on sunbeds with the best cocktails, and taking a nap on a spacious Balinese bed while you hear the sound of the sea.
Over and above that, happiness is infectious, and there’s no saying how lifted your spirits can be from being surrounded by other cheerful people. These are thousands of tourists
from all over the world who have found the joy of the moment just by skin bathing under the sun.

Incite Your Taste Bus:

​The Marbella club beach club restaurant is one more thing to look forward to since it comes with a promise of an extraordinary daytime international buffet. It’s a battle of the best
Spanish, European, Asian, and Lebanese dishes displayed on a platter to your eye’s delight.
Specifically, high-quality ingredients that are as fresh as they can be are part and parcel of your daily meal. Let’s narrow it down a bit — the traditional paella, exquisite salads, grilled-in-front-of-you meats, and so much more. Even if you’re a foodie, there’s more than enough food to go around.

Dance into the Sun:

It’s nighttime and dark out, but that does not mean it’s time to call the fun to an end. There’s the Marbella nightlife that is just as active as the day, and you can dance until sunrise if you so wish. Hope you’ve got your freedom pass? Now it’s left for you to use it in the nightclubs and bars in Marbella.
The live entertainment, dusk ’til dawn pool parties, lavish Champagne spray parties, glitz and glamour of the night makes it all worthwhile. Hey, we won’t ruin it all for you by letting it all out in the open, because by this time, we hope to have painted a perfect picture of what to expect.


Looking for something very special?

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List of Marbella Beach Clubs

There is a wide range of beaches in Costa del Sol, and some of the best Marbella Beach Clubs are:

Nikki Beach


Nikki Beach is one of the extravagant places you might want to set feet on given its stylish sun loungers, luxurious pool, and serene environment. It speaks of elegance and class that gives you the VIP experience you’re out to get. Want to feel special this holiday? Then Nikki Beach is where you should be.
Throughout April and September, there are fabulous themed parties such as the full Moon Parties and White Parties planned out on this beach. It begins with an initial entry fee and a sip on expensive drinks. However, most people resort to going in pairs in a bid to save the cost. Thus, you can still get great fun with your buddies.
Food is of the essence that is why you will find Nikki Beach’s restaurant delivering quality dishes to uphold its reputation. You can either settle for global favorites or local Spanish
dishes. Also keep in mind that there is rotisserie-style chicken, lamb, or suckling pig. So, get to know the Nikki beach Marbella bed prices in 2019, and you’ll be ready to set off.


Opium Marbella is also in trend and has specially been designed to meet the needs of young tourists who may be visiting the beach for the first time. Thus, as one of Marbella’s best
beaches, it seeks to make a tremendous and unforgettable first impression. At Opium beach, there is a state-of-the-art design, heightened fun waiting, and much more.
The Opium beach club was established in 2003 and since then, it has been reputably known for its original theme parties. The remarkable view of the sea on its VIP deck makes it
something to look forward to. In the same vein, food, music, fashion, arts, Lifestyle Boutique, cinema, amongst others are the key elements of this beach.


La Cabane


La Cabane beach club is exquisite for its panoramic views of the Mediterranean sea. It has become one of Marbella’s most exclusive beach clubs which has attracted the rich and
wealthy. As such, if you’ve got some Rolex and expensive jewelry to flash, you’ve found a perfect scenery for it.
La Cabane operates in April, May, and October where it is open on weekends including Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. In the summer, the beach club is open daily with a range of
activities lined up. You can get your very own personal service or serve yourself to a bottle of Champagne, or fresh fruit.


Ocean Beach Marbella is situated along Puerto Banús promenade where there are designer boutiques next to it. It is one of the most extensive beaches in Europe that can offer the best nightlife in Marbella. Panoramic views of the Mediterranean, salt-water pool and large Bali-beds are some of its selling points.
There is a strict dressing on this beach since men are expected to wear tops before admission. Guests are also expected to wear the appropriate footwear before an entrance.
As a result, Ocean Beach prioritizes style and luxury while also offering white and silver opening parties, Champagne, and pool parties all year long.

Ocean Beach Club

Amàre Beach


On the lookout for beach club with Dj Marbella? The Amàre Beach Club would be a great choice. There is music, shows, and performers to liven the day and night, and also give the beach a relaxed vibe. Amàre is set on a private beach for adults to enjoy the sea, sun, and Champagne. You can be treated like a King or Queen with your very own waiters at your  beck and call.
Lest we forget, you can also sunbathe in a pool or try a Jacuzzi all to give your skin that smooth feel. It’s also worthy to note that you get great value for your money in comparison
with other beaches. There’s no fixed pattern to be dressed because all you have to be is in the party mood to gain entrance.
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